Who am I?

Hi there,

I swim in IT environments for more than 20 years in all levels of orgchart and over 10 years I am helping companies  to set their IT – mostly the development part –  back on track. I worked for startups, small companies, but also for a huge enterprise colossi, riddled by tons of processes. They all have problems to solve, but of course solutions differ for each level. Last 9 years I work in agile and bi-modal environments and because  I am “methodology freak”, part of my work is always to check IT ways of work and optimize them.

So, when freelancing, my common roles as a consultant are the ones of Interim IT manager, Crisis IT manager, Top management consultant. When I work as employee, I feel best on SW development manager and IT manager positions. I tried board level once or twice, but I liked it only as interim, temporary engagement – I felt that long term it was not for me personally –  too much of politics there,  and too few oportunities to do the real, meaningful work.

Its a nice, but tricky work, and I feel I would like to write about it, to satisfy my occasional compulsive writing needs, to sort my thoughts and if someone stumbles upon these ramblings, maybe it will be useful – maybe iit will help beginning development managers avoid biggest mistakes (which I did or avoided in a last minute… 🙂 ), or freshly installed IT manager to “seek and destroy”  the skeletons in a closet left by predecessors.  After some time I will maybe create some handbooks, we will see.




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